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Caldwell VanRiper, CVR

Category Advertising Marketing PR


701 E New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 632-6501

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Caldwell VanRiper (CVR) is an Indy-based, independent communications agency that helps clients see the big picture from a new perspective. As an integrated advertising, public relations and digital agency, CVR helps clients identify opportunities to grow their business by understanding their customers, their competitors and the strategies to make them stand out. From launching new products to increasing revenue from existing product, CVR helps clients by developing stronger relationships with their customers. CVR helps clients see their market from a different point of view, which can be hard for marketers when they are tasked with managing daily execution and long term vision. Marketers face an overwhelming task of analyzing an explosion of data regarding customers, and growth in methods of interacting with customers and an increasingly competitive landscape in which to operate. CVR helps clients navigate these complexities and execute measurable strategies to meet their business objectives.

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