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RJE Business Interiors

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621 East Ohio Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 293-4051

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We’re about 60 people. We’re about 30,000 square feet near downtown Indianapolis. We love to share beautiful, highly functional office furniture. We're into community involvement, because we can't succeed if those around us falter. But most importantly, we’re not about to let our customers down, because we are first and foremost about pleasing people with proactive service and rigorous follow-through.

The RJE Difference

Because we love to make our customers feel hugged, we bake warm chocolate-chip cookies when you visit our office and leave candy with a thank you card at each workstation we install. Our staff members give monthly reports on the book Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell and what it means in their work. They compete to earn the Hug Associate of the Year award. Hugs are our brand.

Unfortunately, no matter what we intend, we haven't yet mastered perfection. But we never forget our mantra: DWWSWWD (Do What We Say We Will Do). If there’s a problem, we fix it. We know plenty of companies who could sell you office furniture. That's why we keep our word no matter what and make sure you feel valued and pampered.


Pre-Manufactured Construction, Efficiencies within the workplace, Office Furniture, Good Design 

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