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We're the People Behind the Place

Downtown Indy, Inc. is a private, nonprofit, urban-place management organization solely focused on driving Downtown forward. Fueled by passionate, progressive, Downtown-devoted individuals, our mission is to make and keep Downtown Indianapolis a clean, safe and vibrant place to live, learn, work and enjoy with friends like you.

Taylor Schaffer
President & CEO
Tim Boruff
Vice President, Finance & Operations
Kim Evans
Safety & Security Director
Courtney Howell Rissman
Events Director
Kelly Douglas
Marketing Director
Fred Carr
Director of Operations
Sarah Hinton
Accounting Manager
Max Wing
PR & Communications Manager
Rich Beckey
Street Ambassador Supervisor
Emma Bennett
Part-Time Events Manager
Scott Person
Safety Ambassador
Antuan Bryant
Safety Ambassador
Joe Fuller
Safety Ambassador

If you're looking for your chance to join our team, check out our employment opportunities.