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Woodhouse Day Spa

Category Barber, Salon & Spa


850 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 981-8888

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Experience a tranquil, transformational environment that's both memorable and healthful. From beginning to end, our dedicated spa team ensures that your visit enhances your well-being. Upon entering, you're treated to a warm smile, a luxurious robe, and reflexology sandals that release the day's stresses. You'll relax in our Quiet Room, where a selection of specialty, loose-leaf teas begins your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation.

This new luxury spa offers a wide range of traditional spa treatments, as well as some that are more unique, such as:

  • Halotherapy, or salt therapy, in a true, intimate luxury spa setting. Only three clients are allowed in the Halotherapy room at one time, and they all relax on flexible, comfortable chairs that are actually made of Himalayan salt. It’s like laying in a hammock, but on heated salt crystals. (See attached photo.)
  • Sound Wave therapy in sensory integrative Zero Gravity relaxation lounge chairs where clients experience waves of sound and music resonating through their bodies.
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