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B-Link - Powered by the Indy Public Safety Foundation and IMPD

Downtown Indy, Inc. is pleased to partner with the City of Indianapolis and the Indy Public Safety Foundation to administer the b-link technology grant program. This public safety effort is designed to support the City's community violence reduction efforts by providing financial assistance to enable the purchase, installation, and setup of more IMPD remotely-accessible b-link cameras in and around Downtown's local businesses and commercial properties. Cameras connected via b-link are owned and operated by the business or individual, but provide live-stream video access to IMPD. 

Since first deploying this technology as a tactic coming out of our Downtown Recovery Committee efforts, b-link cameras have been instrumental in responding to and reducing crime. 

Now, with this additional funding. more downtown businesses and property owners can take advantage of the system now. But funds may only be available for a brief time - so we encourage a prompt response, if interested. To learn more about eligibility and timing, click here

B-Link Press Release